The arctic hare story (2013)

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

The protagonist ‘Arctic Hare’ has a journey to find her friends' fur all over the world. The Arctic Hare Story has been created to send a message about an animal issue. The purpose of this project is to convey a story criticising fur clothes metaphorically.

There is a arctic hare who can jump much higher than others.

One day, her friends lost their fur clothes. She decided to find their friends clothes in another world.

The arctic hare arrived savanna located in Africa. Weather is hot but there were a lot of animals with fur.

"Can you provide your hair for my friends who lost their clothes?" "That's too bad. But my hair is a symbol of Savanna king. I can't give you my hair."

"Don't cry crocodile, I'll find your clothes as well."

"I heard that you are looking for clothes for friends. I know the place where are a lot of clothes."

The arctic hare arrived at the place where she has never been before. "Where are the stars in the night sky? Are they in the huge boxes?"

She went through inside one of the huge boxes. There were many clothes for a fashion show. Designer 'Jang' wearing green coat suggested that the arctic hare be a model for his show.

She was walking on the runway as the main model of the fashion show. Audiences gave a compliment to her. She received some clothes that she wears as a present from Jang.

She came back to the homeland. But there were no friends that she could find anymore.

Her friends moved to star as it was too cold on the earth. She could find one shining star in the sky with Aurora.

She jumped to the star in order to meet friends.

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